Renewable energy is considered to be a sector with various benefits. However, financing of renewable energy projects is a disputable topic nowadays, due to high level of uncertainty and risks associated
with it.

Energy consumption across Europe is growing rapidly. European governments are implementing specific policies to drive the renewable energy  market in the region, however potential investors and fund managers still hesitate how best to allocate the funds and which investment strategy to choose in order to create competitive investment opportunities. Companies involved in this business of developing renewable energy projects confront a number of commercial and legal issues that have to be successfully overcome in order to ensure a project’s success and realize returns of potential investors.

The  European Renewable Energy Project Finance Conference will unite senior financiers, investors and clean energy executives from  across Europe, covering a wide range of renewables and clean energy technologies, with a particular focus on European project financing, venture capital, financing bigger/smaller projects, equity financing, emerging commercial technologies, renewable power generation, and established technologies. The conference also offers an unparalleled networking opportunity, allowing you to meet senior representatives from both the energy and financial sectors who are focusing on renewables and clean technologies. Leading financial and legal experts in renewable energy project finance and development will provide you with the practical tools and analytic techniques to make your project successfully and profitably financed.


  • Discuss main economic and politcal forces driving the market
  • Find out how to secure your business in turbulent times and analyse major factors affecting the industry
  • Explore financing and investment trends
  • Build capital raising strategies and find a financial match for your project
  • Outline  key  issues  such  as  project funding, corporate finance, long/short-term investment, regional  markets, technology & risk
  • Learn how to hurdle the common challenges  industry participants are bound to face
  • Hear  from  investors  and  developers  who  are  already active and successful in renewable energy & finance in Europe
  • Share  strategies with fellow decision makers  and  policy advisors
  • Benefit from conference`s experience in connecting renewable  energy  and  finance  professionals  across Europe
  • Meet and get connected with leading players of the renewable energy market


Chief Executive Officers • Chief Financial Officers • Presidents • Managing Directors • General Managers • Heads of
Projects • Team Leaders • Accountants • Developers •
Investors and Lenders • Asset Managers • Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists • Senior Bankers • Lawyers • Government Officials • Regulatory Bodies, as well as Heads of:
Renewable Energy,  Utlites,  Sales  and  Purchase,  
Risk Management,  Investment  &  Finance,  Business  
Development,  Technology Producton, Grid and Technology Development, Construction and Transmission




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