The new learning and e-learning technologies have the potential to engage millions more learners around the world and completely revolutionise the training landscape as well as improving the effectiveness of the learning process. The global market for e-learning products and digital transformation is growing quickly and the power of digital technology lies in its ability to calibrate to different learning styles, environment, leading to a truly digital learner-centric approach supported by trainers. Companies and workplaces are being given little help and guidance about new technologies and transformation opportunities or are often being left to research and implement digital learning solutions by themselves.


The L&D through Digital Transformation conference offers a unique opportunity to discuss the current challenges and strategies, furthermore it will bring together Learning and Development professionals from all over the world. The main topics will be focused on new game-based learning – Gamification, Learning Agility, Succession Strategies, Virtual Collaborations, Transformation through teleportation, Knowledge Management and Learning in multiple dimensions – Learning in 3D. Also, the conference offers a specific networking opportunity – meeting senior representatives from the industry. Leading L&D professionals will provide you with tools and techniques to make your business goals come true.


Key benefits of attending


Take part in our special discussion about the future of L&D through Digital Transformation
Outline Digital Transformation strategies
Be up-to-date with the new trends of Gamification
Discuss best practices on Learning Agility
Learn about new Learning and Succession Strategies
Find out how to drive competitive advantages
Get the latest information on game-based learning
Explore Knowledge Management & Virtual Collaboration in factories
Get familiar with the Collaboration in digital business transformation
Share your tool kit on new digital technologies and learn from trend setters
Do not miss out the discussion about Learning in Multiple Dimensions - 3D
Benchmark your internal communication and improve the company transformation
Meet and get connected with leading players in L&D Digital Transformation
Gain insight into the future Virtual Collaborations


Who should attend
Managers, Senior Managers, Experts, Directors & Heads, Vps, SVPs, involved in L&D and Digital Transformation for Dutch companies





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