Our In-House Professional Trainings offer a unique opportunity to tailor our public courses or develop unique bespoke programmes to address you particular industry’s challenges and business objectives.

Why hold an In-House Training with Connexus:

  • We understand your needs; we will spend time with you in order to learn your organisation’s objectives and challenges. Our production department and trainers will be in direct touch with you.
  • Top industry Course Leaders; our trainers are only the best, selected for their outstanding industry track records.
  • Tailor-made programmes; we will design the programme only for your company, designed to give you the immediate skill-set to address your current challenges and meet your organisational objectives.
  • Delivery & Methodology; our trainings aim to facilitate through the right mix of delivery methodologies such as practical case studies, workshops, skills practice, computer modelling, etc in order to enhance the learning experience.
  • Evaluation; depending on the training pre and post training evaluations can be carried to assess and track development.
  • ROI; trainings are an investment in your best people. Connexus In-House Professional Trainings will empower and increase your employees’ performance to impact on your bottom line.
  • Confidentiality; you can discuss openly potential sensitive issues with our trainers in order to streamline the training to address your objectives.
  • Quality; is fundamental to our approach, we have invested heavily in the processes necessary to ensure that we consistently deliver high quality training services
  • You set the date & place; time and cost effective way to train your employees, no extra travel and accommodation. Chose the training in a day and place of your choice, we will take the training to you.

From the moment you are in touch with us, we will guide you and take you through our Process to start developing the In-House Training.

If you would like further information about holding any of our trainings in-house please contact Connexus:

Email: info@connexusevents.com



  “Summit was well organized and presentations were of a very high quality. The general and overall knowledge of the attendees was also very high. I found it to be a very useful and interesting conference”  
OST Energy
  “The event provided a timely opportunity to meet new people involved in a fledgling industry of renewables. A very positive atmosphere to discuss the future of renewables”  
Capital Partners Worldwide
  "The format was excellent. I got to learn from exchanging views and practices with the rest of peers from other countries, and that was truly a nice bonus."  
  Head of Risk Management