Medical Devices Sales and Marketing Conference 2017

2nd Annual Medical Devices Sales and Marketing Conference 2017

28–29 September 2017
Cologne, Germany

The 2nd Annual Medical Devices Sales and Marketing Conference will bring together leading professionals from the medical device industry, sales and marketing sectors from across Europe to discuss the future strategies for medical device companies on sales and marketing.



Past Events

Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs Medical Conference Prague

Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs

8–9 June 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

The medical device sector is one of the most complex and challenging business segments of the healthcare industry with close collaboration between science and engineering. The main objective of the regulatory harmonization is to improve the efficiency of national economies and their ability to adopt to change and remain competitive.

2nd Annual Next Generation Corporate Universities Executive Learning


medical devices sales and marketing conference

Medical Devices Sales and Marketing
Conference 2016

The medical device sector plays a crucial role in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. Value-based reimbursement models and accountable care are causing a shift in the industry.


 pharmacovigilance Masterclass Connexus events


Pharmacovigilance Back to Basics MasterClass

17–18 September 2015 Barcelona, Spain




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