By answering the questions: What, Why and How, we can see the soul of an organization. Get to know their core values, the customs and rituals which are shared by all the stakeholders and practised in their daily activities. This is what differentiates them from others, identifies their own micro-culture and sets their corporate values.

Often said that the greatest assets of an organization is its people, however without a common foundation no empire can live long. As the key for personal success is having the right mindset; on a corporate level: aligning business strategies with HR function is crucial for the success of future endeavors.

Smarter costumes require smarter employees. To ensure customer satisfaction, profitability and maximum productivity: employee engagement and high-performance must kept high. As HR department is becoming a strategies partner, successful L&D programs and trainings are the key to boost your Leadership Programme and offer your workforce the top notch benefits in eLearning and mLearning solutions. The ecosystem of Corporate Learning is changing rapidly - even emerging technologies are sharing everyday life – tech-based L&D is the future. Learn at our Corporate L&D Summit about latest trend on Metrics, Employee Engagement, Generation Gap, Leadership Development and Employee Training Curriculum in Corporate Education.

The Corporate L&D Summit is a cross-industry event which will bring together learning and development professionals and eLearning experts from FMCG, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Telecom, Finance and Technology sector. The conference offers a unique opportunity to network and benchmark with key decision makers of L&D, and grants an excellent platform which will provide you with particular tools , how-to’s, technologies and case studies to get you ahead of the game in Corporate Learning.


Key benefits of attending

Take part in our special discussion about the future of L&D Department
Outline compensation and benefits potentials
Be up-to-date with the new trends of Corporate Education
Discuss best practices on Employee Engagement
Learn about new Learning Strategies such as Flipped Learning & JiTL
Find out how to ensure data accuracy
Get the latest information on Organization Maturity Rating
Optimize your HR numbers
Explore Horizontal and Vertical Development Programs
Get familiar with the different Generation Approach to maximize your workforce
Share your toolkit on Social Learning and learn from trendsetters
Do not miss out the new Filed Learning Technologies
Benchmark your internal communication and improve with the help of marketing peers
Meet and get connected with leading players in Corporate Learning
Gain insight into the Next Generation HR Cloud Services

Who should attend

Chief Learning Officers, Cief HR Officers, Chief People Officer, CEOs, SVPs & Vps & Heads& Directors of: L&D, HR, People Performance, Talent Management, Innovation and eLearning, HR Analytics, HR Reporting, Employee relationships, HR Strategy & Operations, Change Management, and various HR professionals




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