With the “Space Strategy for Europe” from the European Commission and the new ESA roadmap on the table, the European space stakeholders will have the great opportunity to debate and influence, at the highest level, the medium and long term development of European space programmes and of the spread of space services in many economic and societal activities as well as in a wide range of public fields, including security and defence.

While European support for technological breakthroughs is more essential than ever to help the European industry to face the profound space changes and the increasing competition from old and new global players, the Conference will aim to create a think tank for European players to set out a roadmap and create key partnerships moving forward.

The topics that will be discussed are crucial for the future of the European space industry and for a resilient development of a “space market uptake” aiming at creating new space-based services, new enterprises and new jobs in Europe. To feed such a dynamic, interactive and fruitful debate among the numerous participants - representatives of national and EU institutions, public authorities, industry, research centres, civil society - many high-level guest speakers have already been invited to take the floor.




Discuss opportunities presented as a result of the Space Strategy for Europe
Explore financing and investment options
Network with your peers to share how to create autonomy in European Space exploration
Develop strategies to increase cooperation and partnering between agencies
Discover new energy and fuel sources in space




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