The 2nd Annual Medical Devices Sales and Marketing Conference will bring together leading professionals from the medical device industry, sales and marketing sectors from across Europe to discuss the future strategies for medical device companies on sales and marketing. The main topics will be focused on Sales Strategies, Pricing, Sales Force Effectiveness, Compliance, Risk, Project Portfolio Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Branding and Commercial Strategies.

Sales & Marketing practices in the Medical Device industry have changed due to growing competition, pricing pressures, rapidly changing reimbursement, regulatory policies, and increasing influence of non-clinical decision makers. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of Sales & Marketing are key to success in this challenging environment. This event offers a specific networking opportunity – meeting senior representatives from the market. Leading sales and marketing experts in the medical device sector will provide you with tools and analytic techniques to reach your business goals faster.


Key benefits of attending:

Learn how to face the common challenges in the industry
Explore Sales and Marketing trends
Discuss main Sales and Marketing forces driving the market
Get the latest information on Sales and Marketing related to Medical Device Industry
Share strategies with fellow decision makers in the industry
Learn how Medical Device companies are facing the challenges of Sales and Marketing
Increase the Sales and Marketing ROI of your brands by determining marketing tactics that will effectively leverage opportunities
How to make the competition irrelevant by creating a strong content marketing campaign for brands, using value innovation concepts and tools
Outline key issues in Sales such as Pricing, Compliance, Risk, Sales Force Effectiveness, Project Portfolio Management, Regulatory Affairs, ROI
Outline key issues in Marketing such as Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social media, Business Development, Branding, Marketing Communications, Influencer Marketing, Advertising & Promotion
Benefit from conference’s experience in connecting Medical Device companies and professionals across Europe
Meet and get connected with leading players from the Medical Device market


Who should attend:

Vps of Sales and Marketing, Head of Sales & Marketing Department, QA/QC Directors for medical device companies, Experts in: Advertising and Promotion, Medical Device Regulations, Sales Compliance, Risk Project Portfolio Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Upstream marketing for medical device companies





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